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Group enjoying the view

Kessler’s cellars

Start of real school

So now it started, the real, official studying in Germany. First week was bit kind of lost walking around the school buildings and trying to figure out where to go. And also we had to decide the courses we are gonna take to semester. System here is a bit different, if you want to get […]

Baking buns

At Sunday before the start of real school we decided to bake some buns. Baking was fun but finding all the necessary articles was tough job and took long time. Especially cardamom caused some troubles. But in the end we managed to make something that looked a bit like buns and also tasted quite close […]

Eemil baking and Joni and Olli taking care of owen

Busy weekend

Last weekend – sitting, walking, sitting, bit sleeping, sitting, really much walking and sitting/sleeping. And of course within all these actions at Saturday we saw Heidelberg city and castle and at Sunday we visited Frankfurt International Motor show. Both days were long and exhausting but also full of cool things to see. Saturday’s trip to […]

A view from castle to Heidelberg city

Group paying attention to our quide…

At Sunday morning we jumped to train with Eemil, Olli, Dalmar and Sarah and travelled to Frankfurt. Joni, Atte and some other guys came to Frankfurt by rental car. There we went to experience Frankfurt International Motor show. We spent there whole day from morning to evening and we barely managed to see areas of […]

Frankfurt Messe – The area of Motor show