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Preparations and more preparations

How much do you need to do things before going to student exchange? At first I thought the ”things to do – list” will be very long, then I applied and did all the paperwork for application. After I got my application and papers sent to Germany I thought this was much easier than I could have believed. But actually application – process was only small part things to do before going to student exchange.

Reality hit right to my face about two weeks before d-day, I realized I still have to move all my stuff away from my apartment in Jyväskylä, pack things for Germany etc. Last two weeks were really busy and stressfull because I still had so much to do and so many people to see before I go to Germany. So I’ll give you free advice: do all the preparations as early as possible if you are going to student exchange. You’ll get more time to enjoy your last days in Finland before trip.