Taking over Belgium



So, We’ve been here at the city of Oostende for two weeks now and a lot has happened during that time. Only 24 hours after our landing to Brussels, we were out with the other Erasmus students, getting to know them, having some fun and drinking a couple of beers. And a couple more. Because… well you know, It’s Belgium. The beers are awesome. I could go on and on for hours about the beers but let me just tell you what we’ve done here during the first two weeks. At first I’ve to say that this has been kind of a challenge for me because I’ve not traveled at all during my life. And now the first trip abroad is going to be 5 months in Belgium. So I was a bit anxious how I will manage but I’ve already realized that I’ll be just fine. Better than just fine. I want to make this experience as memorable as I can. Seize the moment!


So the first Monday, there were a Welcoming Day in the campus of Brugge. Because we were out the night before the welcoming day, we had to sleep in Brugge. On a floor. Because no one had any extra beds. So a strong beginning for this journey! We pretty much missed the welcoming day because there were some installations going on at our apartment and we had to be there to let the workers in and help them if they needed any instructions. After the welcoming day, we had this Flanders cultural week. During the week we visited different cities in the Flanders area of Belgium. We had a guided tour in Kortrijk, Antwerpen and Brugge. We also visited Gent but we were free to explore the city, we didn’t have a guided tour. It was really cool to see all the different cities, even though they kinda all look the same. There is a lot of old buildings combined with modern architecture. And that is why the cities are exceptionally beautiful! But if we’re talking putting rankings on beautiful cities, Brugge must be the number one. This city, it is just unreal. It’s like from a fairy tale. All of the buildings looks like they are from medieval era and the canals going through the city. Just a really beautiful and atmospheric city.


So the first week of school started on Monday. And ended on Tuesday. We are currently having only 2 hours of studies per week. Because the courses are held in Dutch. And of course our knowledge of Dutch language is somewhere close to zero. We were let to know that the courses would be in English but now when that is not the case, we have a lot of independent studies to do. We have to write a thesis, worth of 24 credits. That is a HUGE assignment and we have already started to work on it. Hopefully we will get it finished till the end of May when we have to give a presentation about it. So there’s a lot of independent work to do.


During the cultural week we realized that we are kind of like isolated from all of the other Erasmus students. Me and Marko are the only ones living in Oostende, everyone else is Brugge or at some different cities. But most of them are living in Brugge.  And it’s not like wouldn’t get along with the other students, we’re having so much fun together. But still when we are an hour away from them it doesn’t feel that great to skip some social events just because of that. We will try to talk to the guys at the housing office if they could move us to Brugge. And now that we know we only have classes on Tuesday mornings there’s no reason for us to live in Oostende when everyone else is living in Brugge.


Get Swole or die tryin’