Budapest, You ready?

Hey yo!

So yeah, we’ve been over half of the time here now and some of the Erasmus students have already gone back home. It’s a bit wistful too see them go away, since we have already experienced a lot together in a very short period of time. With some of them, I traveled to Paris, with some of them we spent time together every weekend and now it feels like the end is already coming for this journey. Even though there is still some time left. As for this, I’ve realized that this is just a fraction of our lives and we should make the most of it. Here we can have an experiences that are not possible in any other circumstances. I used to use living in a different city away from others and the transportation issues an excuse to stay here and not really spend time with other exchange students. Even though this is far from great city to live in, I am sick of using it as an excuse to have a bad exchange experience. I’m trying to spend as much time as I possibly can with our Erasmus crew, which by the way is the best I could’ve asked for. Marko and I spend every single weekend in Brugge with others, we sleep in someone’s air mattress or even on the floor. And on Sunday evening we come back home.


For the school, I’m still a bit bitter. Because they couldn’t get an traineeship place for me as they promised, I need to cut a month from my exchange. I need to go back to Finland and do the traineeship during the summer, so I can graduate on time. Because of the student loan system in Finland and because I need to carry out the military service next summer it is really important that I graduate before that. So, I’ve booked flights back to Finland for 1st of June. I’m not really happy about this but what can you do.


So about the Headline. WE BOOKED A TRIP TO BUDAPEST!!! That’s a city I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time now. It’s only a weekend trip but I’m so hyped about it. From pictures the city looks soooooo beautiful. And I’ve heard that the nightlife is one of Europe’s best! There will be around 8 of us going there, so we’ll probably do a lot together.


Before the trip, one of our two courses is already coming to an ending. Next week we have a final presentation and I’m feeling a bit anxious about it, because I have no clue what kind of a thing it’ll be. Not too much about speaking in a foreign language, but I really don’t know what kind of a situation it will be. Hopefully it will go well without any problems and we can cross that out of our list.  The other course should be fine, as it is just a project course about construction drawings. Then we have the big, evil, Thesis work to do. It’ll create some work but I think we’ll be fine with it as well.


So this is what’s been going on lately, we’ll get back at you soon!


Vapu ei lopu!