Birling in Birmingham

I'm Mari, a 25 year old student of hospitality management in JAMK. This Blog is about my exchange period in University college Birmingham, England. Autumn semester 2011

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Today we had blog training. I chose blogging instead of traditional reporting, I believe that this is a funnier way to report my exchange period to my school and friends. I would, however, write a blog, now I just have to do it in English…

And for the readers: You are more than welcome to point out my spelling mistakes, because I haven’t written in English for  a long time… And I’m not very good at it. It probably shows —-it’s rusty. Isn’t it??? There is one reason more for me go to England: To learn more English.

UUU, I’m really going!

I have one really booooooring day at spring 2011. I was going to check my e-mail, and noticed that was the last day to apply to student exchange. I was thinking  “Why not? I haven’t live in abroad before and nothing exciting ever happens to me. So this might be a good idea and nice experience”. So I filled up the form and click! Here is the consequences of that boring day: I’m going to Birmingham for next autumn. Exciting!

I have already send my applications for erasmus-exchange, accomondation and orientation week to Univercity college Birmingham. Now I have to wait the answer and confirmation that they approve my application and they have a room for me. I haven’t done my learning agreement yet. It’s kind of difficult to choose courses based only name, without explanation for the contents of those courses. I may have to toss the dice 😉 Then I need to remember to fill out OT-form for Kela and ERASMUS grant application. And??? Oh yes, rent my place here at home, find a good home for my dog, find cheap airline tickets, and so on. Lot’s of things to take care of…

I’m very excited to go, but of course, little bit of scared to. Do I going to enjoy there? Am I really able to study in english? Do I get new friends? How I going to survive without my dog? And so on…