Birling in Birmingham

I'm Mari, a 25 year old student of hospitality management in JAMK. This Blog is about my exchange period in University college Birmingham, England. Autumn semester 2011

WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! I’m not homeless anymore!

The biggest issue is solved! I have a new home and I’m moving in tomorrow. My landlady seem very nice and  fair.  Maybe I get a new friend instead of landlady? And rent is reasonable due to the location.

We went to see couble people in one phonecompany, because during sim-shopping they try to help us to find a place. So we went to thank them and we going to take them out for have meal or drinks or something. Just for thanks! And maybe make new friends? 🙂

oh, and school starts today. No much to say about that yet… We have around 80 Erasmus students in our school. We didn’t have time to get to know them yet!