Birling in Birmingham

I'm Mari, a 25 year old student of hospitality management in JAMK. This Blog is about my exchange period in University college Birmingham, England. Autumn semester 2011

The first day!

Today was my first real day in uni! I like it!

I like the course, Adventure tourism operations, wich started today. I like the teacher and my classmates. And most of all: I like the subject itself. We get basic knowledge what the course going to be, what has to be done and when. Then we learnt what managing of tourism is all about. At the end of lecture we watched an episode of Wallance & Gromit.  My first thought was: “What? Am I in a high school? Or in elementary?” But actually our professor has a really good point to show that to us, so it maked sense after all 😉 Liked his method to get us to think more deeply about that episode of “Cheese trip”: It gave us to good base to discuss how potential costumers get to know opportunities about travells and what is going to effect their decisons, how to manage whole package tour thing and get more profit of that. So it was GREAT lecture! Easy, but great!

A Perfect start for a monday morning. Didin’t feel like Monday to me, until was aftenoon. There was tiny mistake in my timetable: My spanish starts hour earlier than my timetable says. So I was one hour late, but it wasn’t my fault, so that was ok. I was still able to catch up others easily.

Learning Spanish was fun! Our professor of spanish makes us to SPEAK a lot, which is the most important thing when you start to learn new language. And maybe I get to know other students more, because we need to do discussions.

Both professors was ok with the fact that I’m going home for christmas, and don’t come back after that. I can give my assignments earlier and do my exam of Spanish before christmas. Great!

Learning in english isn’t so hard what I was fearing of. For this far: professors speak really proper english, so no hard accents yet in school. And written part: I keep doing my notes in english just to practise, and tomorrow I have support class for academic writing and basic grammar on Friday, so hopefully I will improve!

So everything seems to go really smoothly. Wondering if the reality is going to hit me on a face later?