Birling in Birmingham

I'm Mari, a 25 year old student of hospitality management in JAMK. This Blog is about my exchange period in University college Birmingham, England. Autumn semester 2011

Too much time to think?

Plaaah… I’m starting to suffer homesickness. I don’t miss Finland, people, work, school or my life over there.But I surely miss my dog and my privacy. I miss my home and all my stuff: clothes, tv, bed, silence…

I’m quite used to that my friends and my family aren’t round every day, so keeping touch via internet and phone is normal. I don’t know how to miss them more than usual. I propably wouldn’t see them before christmas anyway. But I so badly miss my dog. It’s always around, feels naked to go for run or walk without it. Feels odd that I don’t need to take it for a walk before school or in a evenings. Next time when I move abroad I’m taking my dog with me. I promise!

And other thing what I badly miss is my home. I havn’t share a flat with a roommate before, so it’s a new experience. And honestly: I don’t like sharing. I like my privacy too much, I don’t know how to relax if I know that someone can come home any minute. I don’t know when she is coming or going, we don’t communicate that much. Childish but true, I hate beeing cleaner than I am… i’m not THAT clean. And here I feel like i’m on my toes all the time: is everything clean enough? I know I would be happier if I had place of my own, unfortunately they didn’t rent apartments for short term stays 🙁

And I miss even my clothes. I have nothing to wear. Everyone who has been an exchange student, said that ”don’t pack too much, you going to bay so much that you have trouble to bring them back to Finland.” Yeah right, I havn’t find so much clothes that I feel i’m wearing the sames all the time. I was thinking that I’m a so bad shopaholic that I find enormously much stuff, but I havn’t… Maybe because everything what I like, is too expensive, and cheap clothes… Well, are so cheap you can actually see that from fabric and model. PTHYI!

One thing what I have learn to appreciate about Finland: Honestly way to trade… My internet is a dongle, because my landlady don’t have internet at home. So i need to organise that by my self. OK, I went to one shop and ask wich are my opportunities, and they sold me a pre paid dongle, they said it’s going to las 30 days. Yeah right. It didn’t. It was 2GB within 30 days. So suddenly my internet just stop working. And it didn’t approve my creadit card (or Maarit’s) so i need to go center to shop top up brochure. I didn’t like the fact that anyone didn’t tell me about the limit! How should I know? Unfair!..And Now I know how lost I would be without the internet: pretty pathetic

This period seems so short that in this point feels quite unlikely that I make long life term friends over here. Sad but true. I need more time to actually start calling someone as my friend. Hard to believe that I need to cry for someone when I leave, I don’t think so…

Maybe all these feelings comes up now, because I have too much time to think? I didn’t go to uni today, because I have flu, and I didn’t feel well in a morning. I spend rather one day in home and feel better tomorrow than suffer longer and try to go to school every day.