Birling in Birmingham

I'm Mari, a 25 year old student of hospitality management in JAMK. This Blog is about my exchange period in University college Birmingham, England. Autumn semester 2011

Monthly Archives: November 2011

The past month…

Oh yes…. This blog! 🙂 I have almost forgat to write this blog, life has just begun to be so normal over here. This has been such a busy month… Assignments, exams, lectures, seminars… U name it!
But I have to be proud that  I have done every assignment on time and I go to lectures. That usually do not happen in Finland. I enjoy my time over here because I can be only student and i don’t need to split my time to work and school. That was (and will be back home) exhausting. This non working –time gives me a time to actually put effort on assignments. Back in Finland I usually just do it and hope i’ll pass… And usually everything is handed in late. I wish I could stay and study over here. Somehow, I just experience studing here more interesting and useful. I don’t know is it because i’m studing in english or what…  And pofessors has such a much real experience of working in tourism industry. We get so many ideas, perspectives and knowledge.
How about results: Well, I got A+ (THE BEST MARK!) on first spanish exam! It was easy, i know, but I’m still proud of my self! And i’m waiting for results of 3 assignments. It is quite hard to do assignments over here, because I have no idea what kind of work professors are expecting. And it also hard to write offical english, because I need to think every word and sentence, and ofcourse check the spelling. It takes a lot of time, much more than writing same assignments in finnish.

I have three more weeks to go in school over here, and I still have lots of things to do! 3 assignments, one group work, one debate, one exam… So I will propably spend lot of time at school library. I can’t belive that i’m actually spending time voluntarely at school. That wouldn’t happen in Finland! Ofcourse back there the biggest reason is that i don’t have time… I need to work and i own a dog. So There is no such much free time during the weeks, and my dog would be too much alone, if i would stay at school more than I need to.
Well, that was about school… What is going on with other general stuff:

Sometimes i still feel homesickness. I don’t miss Finland as a country, but i miss my home,dog, friends and family. But still I hope I could stay, because i’m better student here than back home. If I had my own appartment and i could bring my dog overe here, Why not? Oh yes, because of money! ☹ Unfortunately studying here cost a much, and I don’t have that kind of money… Not even if I find my self a place to work. So have to go back… I hope that I could put some of this motivation in a can and use it back in Finland.

I have get couble new friend also. Not from the erasmus group, but elsewhere. So I don’t feel that lonely anymore. That gives hope for me in a future. I CAN make new friends, even in abroad. It just takes more time of me than I was hoping…
The most annoying thing is that I don’t have money. I realised that i have exceeded my incoming limts for finnish student support money, so I need to pay back a lot to our government. Therfore, I’m penniless. It is a shame because I can’t explore a country, shop, go to clubing or do anything what others are doing. ☹ But I guess that is a part of being a student. I know that I shouldn’t be complaining, because school is free, but still… it still feels bad and feels like i’m beeing left outside from things, because my friends knows that I can’t come, they don’t even ask anymore 🙁
I have only three weeks to go anymore. This period seems so short. Feels that all this time i have been mostly on holiday. I hope that next time when i go abroad, I will go for longer time, to actually build a new life. Now I feel that I have been stressing all the time what will happen when I need to go back to my school-work-hell.