Birling in Birmingham

I'm Mari, a 25 year old student of hospitality management in JAMK. This Blog is about my exchange period in University college Birmingham, England. Autumn semester 2011

Monthly Archives: December 2011

Last two assignments

Tomorrow is also my last day in UCB. I can not believe how fast time has pass… I just arrived!

I needed to buy another luggage 😀  I haven’t shop that much.. Althoug, that what i believed! 😉 Hey, I’m a girl, I need clothes and shoes 😉

*sight* I have spend a lot of time in a school library. I need to return last two assignments tomorrow and still I’m not ready yet….

I got back my first and second assignments. First one went nearly pass (C-), but i was aware that it sucks. Second one went a little bit better: B-, still full of spelling mistakes and other silly mistakes. I didn’t have a time to get them check in language center, even that I’m aware that my grammar is poor. Why I don’t learn to do assignments EARLY enough?

OK… back to work. This is going to be a looooooong evening!

Only one week to go in B’ham!

This is it! The last week! Feelings are mixed.

I’m stress to get everything done before leaving (still 2 assignments to hand in). I’m not so happy to go back to my personal work+school hell, but i miss my dog,friends,home and family so bad. After all, i’m kind of relieved that soon everyone speak finnish and I don’t need to write assignments in english… It took so much more time and motivation than writing in finnish. 😀 So I’m starting to be excited to go home 🙂

Something how i did over here: I pass both spanish test successfully! Got an A+ from first one, and the second one went good as well, if not an A+, close at least. =) First assignment wasn’t that great: lot’s of spelling mistakes, and I did write little bit out of the concept… Stupid mistake, but I pass. That enough. I hope that others went better.

I suppose to be part of one assignment but that’s a group work… We havn’t even start yet, so I have no idea how I can be part of that. Need to find out on friday.

I’m also wondering, do I need to apply again student support form Kela, or does it continue automatically? I really need those moneys on January…


Successfully pass!

Huh, I pass the second spanish exam. It’s so scary situation to end up alone with professor to take a speaking test. First of all, instructions are in english, of course, and then you have so little time to translate those in your mind in finnish, and the figure out what to say in spanish…  That is a challenge! But i made it and get a good grade again 🙂

And last saturday we had pre christmas party. Girls had made finnish food like Karelian pies and roast. Was sooooo GOOD! =) And everyone else liked that as well. We had really fun night, but i don’t recommended drinking games to anyone 😀

I can’t belive that I only have two weeks time over  here 🙁 If i have more money, I would definitely stay!

…And i had one problem whit my dog. I needed to find a new place for her for these two weeks. What a nightmare to try to do it from here!!! But thanks god I have really good friends. I don’t know what I would do without them. They make this exchange possible for me, by taking care of my dog. I know that many people wouldn’t understand how important that animal is for me, but they do! 🙂