Birling in Birmingham

I'm Mari, a 25 year old student of hospitality management in JAMK. This Blog is about my exchange period in University college Birmingham, England. Autumn semester 2011

Monthly Archives: January 2012

At home…

I got my assignments returned on time and finnish UCB smile on my face. It was great to be there, good school, nice professors, quality courses….

Now I have been home in Finland about a month. I’m still waiting for results form UCB. I have no idea did I pass all the courses. When I get the results, I can apply the second part of Erasmus support money. I could really use those moneys, so hopefully results are ready soon!

Everyone says that this return is going to be a cultural shock. I don’t think so…I wasn’t ¬†gone that long. But, what is bothering me: Those same problems what are the reasons for me going to UCB from the beginning. Those issues aren’t change… I’m still broke, have no motivation to study, study wrong subject…