Birling in Birmingham

I'm Mari, a 25 year old student of hospitality management in JAMK. This Blog is about my exchange period in University college Birmingham, England. Autumn semester 2011

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At home…

I got my assignments returned on time and finnish UCB smile on my face. It was great to be there, good school, nice professors, quality courses…. Now I have been home in Finland about a month. I’m still waiting for results form UCB. I have no idea did I pass all the courses. When I […]

Last two assignments

Tomorrow is also my last day in UCB. I can not believe how fast time has pass… I just arrived! I needed to buy another luggage 😀  I haven’t shop that much.. Althoug, that what i believed! 😉 Hey, I’m a girl, I need clothes and shoes 😉 *sight* I have spend a lot of time […]

Only one week to go in B’ham!

This is it! The last week! Feelings are mixed. I’m stress to get everything done before leaving (still 2 assignments to hand in). I’m not so happy to go back to my personal work+school hell, but i miss my dog,friends,home and family so bad. After all, i’m kind of relieved that soon everyone speak finnish […]

Successfully pass!

Huh, I pass the second spanish exam. It’s so scary situation to end up alone with professor to take a speaking test. First of all, instructions are in english, of course, and then you have so little time to translate those in your mind in finnish, and the figure out what to say in spanish… […]

The past month…

Oh yes…. This blog! 🙂 I have almost forgat to write this blog, life has just begun to be so normal over here. This has been such a busy month… Assignments, exams, lectures, seminars… U name it! But I have to be proud that  I have done every assignment on time and I go to […]

Too much time to think?

Plaaah… I’m starting to suffer homesickness. I don’t miss Finland, people, work, school or my life over there.But I surely miss my dog and my privacy. I miss my home and all my stuff: clothes, tv, bed, silence… I’m quite used to that my friends and my family aren’t round every day, so keeping touch […]

FIRE! …or not!

Today we had a Fire alarm in school. So everyone need to get out. I gotta say, I really hope that our school doesn’t really burn, because it takes for a while to get out of there (I was in 6th floor). All staircases were fully blocked in a couple minutes and one emergency exit […]

The first day!

Today was my first real day in uni! I like it! I like the course, Adventure tourism operations, wich started today. I like the teacher and my classmates. And most of all: I like the subject itself. We get basic knowledge what the course going to be, what has to be done and when. Then […]


Being an Erasmus student is not all about the school. As important as school is to get to know country and culture. I havn’t been in London before, so that was new experience for me. You can not live in UK and not to visit in London. Isn’t that right? 😉 London was great. Really […]

Cultural differences

Now than I have time to think this: This post is mostly about Cultural differences. First thing was the peoples friendliness and helpfulness, but I have told already couple times, so let get to some other things: Buildings: I knew that here is lots of whole floor carpets, but seriosly: in a bathroom? How well […]