Birling in Birmingham

I'm Mari, a 25 year old student of hospitality management in JAMK. This Blog is about my exchange period in University college Birmingham, England. Autumn semester 2011

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Successfully pass!

Huh, I pass the second spanish exam. It’s so scary situation to end up alone with professor to take a speaking test. First of all, instructions are in english, of course, and then you have so little time to translate those in your mind in finnish, and the figure out what to say in spanish…  That is a challenge! But i made it and get a good grade again 🙂

And last saturday we had pre christmas party. Girls had made finnish food like Karelian pies and roast. Was sooooo GOOD! =) And everyone else liked that as well. We had really fun night, but i don’t recommended drinking games to anyone 😀

I can’t belive that I only have two weeks time over  here 🙁 If i have more money, I would definitely stay!

…And i had one problem whit my dog. I needed to find a new place for her for these two weeks. What a nightmare to try to do it from here!!! But thanks god I have really good friends. I don’t know what I would do without them. They make this exchange possible for me, by taking care of my dog. I know that many people wouldn’t understand how important that animal is for me, but they do! 🙂

Hard time in Birmingham

I arrived yesterday feat Maarit. I love the city. Lovely country-looking but still big city. And lots of SHOPS!!! I probably need to find a place to work, to have more shopping money 😉

And peoples in here are so friendly! Everyone are so helpfull and nice to us.

But finding a place is way more difficult than we tought… It’s a hard full time job! Every agency and even privat persons liket to rent a flats at least for 6 months! We going to be here only until christmast, and that is a HUGE proplem… But we are doing lots of work to find a place for both of us, together or separaatly.But the basic rule is NOT TO LEAVE YOUR FRIEND ALONE! So if one of us finds a place, we will help the other to find a place. This is so much easier and more fun feat a friend. Alone I would propably be really scared and desperate…

We went to see our school to see if they have any ideas where we can try to find a place. And we accidentallya met our Erasmus-cordinator Lynn while waiting a lift. She was so nice and helpfull, and we have quick look of our schools most important places like lynn`s office.

Tomorrow we have couble viewings first thing @ morning, and phonenumbers to call… So hunting will continue tomorrow! we do not give up!!!

The first problem! Accomondation!

The first problem is began and I haven’t even leave to England yet.

I got a room in a school appartment, BUT because semester 1 runs until Febuary, they like me to pay rent for that room in January and Febuary. I can’t pay extra rent for time when I’m not there, because my student supports from goverment are running low and I need to pay rent over here in finland too! At my point of view: Unfair system. It’s not my folt thet they don’t get a new student for that room, when I’m gone.

So I’m taking the risk! I’m not going to accept the room. I’m going to rent a bed from hotstel for a couple nights and try to find a home for my self before school begings.

The plan: No home, no luggage. Just me and my passport! Sounds like a adventure!I can’t wait!!! =)

…And other thing which doesn’t go smoothly: They haven’t signed my Learning agreement. But that can be take care over there, so I’m not worry about that…

There’s one thing which I’m truly afraid! My granny doesn’t feel well anymore. I’m afraid that she’s going to pass away when I’m gone. Do I ever see her again? Do I have money to trave for the funerals? =(