Orientation Week

The orientation week was dedicated only to the first-year international and exchange students, so those who came to this university for the first time from abroad. It has started already on the day when we have arrived with the Food Night organized by the Dean of Students – basically the night when we were fed for free by the campus cafeteria. This was a great opportunity to meet people outside of my flat, get to know what is going on on Campus at the moment. The next day we had an opportunity to join the campus and town tours, one more free dinner and nice chill out evening with the student union. The first two days in the UK were full of new faces, names, ideas, and plans. It was easy to get lost in the information, but that was a pleasant feeling of being involved.

Monday morning started with registration, getting our student badge and UH hoodie, which each student in the uni had. In the afternoon, exchange students were invited to the auditorium for a welcome talk and after to the reception in the main hall to talk to the Dean of Students and the UH Union. After a busy morning and afternoon, everyone headed to the Game night organized in the main building on the other campus. It was very easy to get there, as the free shuttle bus is running between the campuses once every 10-20 munites. On the second campus, we saw even more of study facilities, the night club only for uni students, and a cute pub hidden behind the buildings. That evening was long, and that night I have made friends outside of my flat who made my exchange unforgettable. Unbelievable, but despite my fear of struggling to make friends, already on my third day in the UK, I have met my best friend, who is still staying the closest person I have, even the year after my exchange is over. In my opinion, this is the most fascinating fact about spending a semester or a year abroad. All students were in the same situation, having the same fears, and open to new acquaintances, experiences and stories. And these stories brought us all together for a really long time.

The rest of the week was spectacular. There was no time to rest: welcoming lectures in the mornings explaining the facilities of the university, the services we can use like career guidance, the student initiatives existing and so on. In the afternoon we always had events organized to unite us, help to open, and meet more people. We had a film night, quiz night, picnics and British tea parties, trips to nearby towns like St. Albans, and of course the first party in the local night club. Every day I met more friends, got to know the local culture better, explored the town, decorated my room, and was building plans for the weekend, as on Sunday I had my birthday, and I was intended to celebrate it in London.