Sofiya Lyulyu

Orientation Week

The orientation week was dedicated only to the first-year international and exchange students, so those who came to this university for the first time from abroad. It has started already on the day when we have arrived with the Food Night organized by the Dean of Students – basically the night when we were fed…

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The first day

Unlike in Finland, to the UK all exchange students come in the same 2 days, the weekend before the orientation week starts. The university organizes picks up from the Heathrow airport and brings you right on campus, where your accommodation is. This day I remember clearly and at the same time, it is like a…

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Intro: The Ariport

Mom’s tears, warm hugs, passport control, and plane with blue wings. Overweight luggage is already checked in, but I am still thinking if I should have taken that old Soviet bedding with stars, that is would not take that much space in the bags anyway, but I would have something to sleep on during the…

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