San José State University – Powering Silicon Valley

Time has really flown! It’s already two months since the school started in Silicon Valley. Sometimes I still need to pinch myself that I am actually here! It’s been all good, extremely hectic, but good!

As promised, I’ll tell you about my school, San José State University, SJSU. The campus is located in the middle of the downtown of San José. SJSU campus has been established in 1857, being the oldest public university on the West Coast. Budget in 2017 was respectable $ 357,1 million.

SJSU students are called Spartans, and yeah, there are many Spartans here for sure. More than 35 000 students at undergraduate and graduate levels. Almost 4500 employees are working on the campus. Each year, 10 000 students are graduating from SJSU. Many of them are employed by Silicon Valley high-tech companies such as Adobe, Apple and Google.

SJSU offers 145 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. In 2017 the most popular undergraduate majors were psychology, design studies, kinesiology, biological sciences, and business administration/marketing. There are 8 colleges   at SJSU. I am studying at Lucas College and Graduate School of Business.

The campus area is huge, 154 acres. There are 55 buildings in the campus area. Including Spartans bookstore, residence housing for students, Police department and even an event center of capacity 6500 people. Brand new aquatic center will be opened in the spring 2019. It’s gonna be so nice with many pools! The SJSU Student Union facilitates Starbucks, Subway, Panda Express, Jamba Juice just to name a few. You won’t be hungry here!

Students move around the campus with scooters, either electric or manual. Electric scooters Bird and Lime are quite handy. Just download an app, crab a scooter when you’ll see one, scan barcode and ride. Then leave it where ever you want around the campus or city. Sometimes you can see scooters in the strangest places! Check it out – it’s a fun way to hover around!

Sport at University level is highly appreciated in the US. Sometimes even more popular than the major leagues; NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB. San Jose State Spartans, as the sport team is called, has 30 teams at 25 different sports such as baseball, football, hockey, soccer and tennis. Sammy the Spartan is the mascot. I have not yet had an opportunity to see Spartan’s football game, but I am definitely going!

Next time more about my studies at the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business.


Take care,