Business studies at SJSU

The final part of the student exchange period was extremely hectic. Therefore, I am writing this blog after the whole experience is behind. Here is a short description of my business studies at SJSU.

To begin with, I am studying MBA at JAMK. In San José, I was studying at Lucas College and Graduate School of Business which is one of the most popular colleges in SJSU. My studies covered International Marketing, Global Dimension of Business and also, Business to Business Marketing. During the student exchange at SJSU I studied undergraduate courses; this was mainly due to the limited space in the classes. Obviously, the SJSU proprietary students have the priority to attend the classes since they pay hefty tuition fees. Courses fill up early, so it is advisable to enroll as soon as possible.

In general, there is a great variety of students in classes. Some are older, some younger. But it was surprisingly easy to slip into the group as an exchange student. Studying at the SJSU was quite different from the JAMK School of Business since I have mainly studied remotely, first from Helsinki, and recently from California. The JAMK studies require a more independent approach from the student, and a typical outcome is a report or comprehensive study on the subject. At the SJSU, studies consist of lectures, group tasks and exams. Yes, exams. I completed 34 exams / questionnaires during the fall. So, there was a lot of reading involved!

The classes are fairly small, around 40 person per class. Lectures are usually very traditional lectures but also include some discussions about the topics. After the first shock, I kind of liked the system that basically requires you to be well-prepared before each lecture. It is so much easier to study for the exam after having gone through that. There are as many teaching styles as there are Professors. Profs are really experienced with many interesting stories about business life in the Bay Area and the US. In comparison, the JAMK studies are more related to practical business life and you can combine your work experiences to studies while at the SJSU studying is more theory focused.

Books are quite expensive, but some are offered as rental copies from the Spartan Bookstore for a half the price compared to buying a new. If you are considering a student exchange at the Bay Area, be prepared, it all adds up quickly!

Here you can learn more about Lucas College and Graduate School of Business