Wrapping it up

The exchange period is all past behind, and I hereby summarize my experiences.

Since I have been living in the US for two years now, probably my experience was a bit different than some other exchange student’s experience; I travelled every weekend to be with my family, I didn’t have to deal with visa procedures for exchange, I had experience on finding an apartment, culture is familiar and in general, how things work in the US.

But still, the exchange period opened my eyes in many ways, and I got a whole new perspective to the US. I learned a lot about University study system, and it was nice to experience the college life like always seen in the movies! My host at San José was such a sweet lady and I also met really nice fellow students! It was super that everybody was so welcoming and friendly. Oh, and those super cute squirrels at the campus! 

Super cute squirrels at the SJSU Campus

It was nice to find out that even though sometimes being out of comfort zone, you will still manage and can keep up with the pace. It gives a lot of confidence to the future challenges as well. ‘Be afraid and do it anyway’ is a good motto that works here as well. In addition to being a great experience, I gained a lot of knowledge professional-wise. I am about to start my Master’s Thesis project soon. The SJSU studies regarding international trade have brought many ideas concerning that project.

Travelling by the Bay

Like said, I traveled every weekend to my hometown Sacramento to be with my husband. Travelling with Amtrak train in the Bay Area is quite handy actually. This surprises many locals also! Public transportation that works, WOW! And I know what I’m saying; experience of 120 hours of train travelling during the fall. The tracks go only a few meters from the waterfront. Beautiful views!

Californian sunset

With such great memories from SJSU, now it is time to concentrate on my JAMK studies.

Thank you JAMK School of Business for this opportunity! 

Thank you SJSU – Lucas College and Graduate School of Business, for having such a welcoming atmosphere!

Thank you for reading my blog (especially Dad :))

Over and out,