Kati Rojalin

Wrapping it up

The exchange period is all past behind, and I hereby summarize my experiences. Since I have been living in the US for two years now, probably my experience was a bit different than some other exchange student’s experience; I travelled every weekend to be with my family, I didn’t have to deal with visa procedures…

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Business studies at SJSU

The final part of the student exchange period was extremely hectic. Therefore, I am writing this blog after the whole experience is behind. Here is a short description of my business studies at SJSU. To begin with, I am studying MBA at JAMK. In San José, I was studying at Lucas College and Graduate School…

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House hunting in San José

Hi there, Nice that you are interested in reading my journey in California! I am about to start my studies at San José State University, SJSU for short, next week. Pretty excited about that! I have been studying at JAMK School of Business since 2016 to pursue the degree of Master of Business Administration. For…

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