Bikes! Finally!

Today we finally bought bicycles!

I know I told what couple first topics will be, but today happend something that was so funny, at my opinion, I wanna share it with you. (If you just want to read the funny part, you can skip couple paragraphs.) I had day off from school today, so we decided to go Arnhem City hall for registration. If you stay in the Netherlands longer than 4 months you have to register with the municipality in which you live. Well we actually live municipality of Overbetuwe so that was kinda waste of time. We try again tomorrow, this time in right place. Little tip there for you if coming here: be sure which municipality you live before schedule appointment (ou yeah, you also need schedule appointment for registration).

After that bumble around we went to see this guy, who sells bikes, whom I found from (which is like our He was old man living in apartment building. He runs a little bike business in his storage. He buys broken bikes, repairs those and sell forward. Maybe those bikes was stolen, I don’t know, I don’t wanna know, he was lovely old man and I’m happy we bought our bikes from him. If you want cheap bike in Arnhem (or basically anywhere in the Netherlands) don’t go to a bicycle store, they will rob you. Used bike from a store costs over 200€!! Thats crazy! From this old man, two bikes 110€.

Ou, another tip: If you want you can also rent a bike and it’s good way to get a bike too. Why, because if your bike falls apart, they will bring you a new one! They even promise to deliver midnight if thats the case. Only downside is that you need a Dutch bank account. Thats not a huge problem because you should get it anyway, BUT it could take some time to get appointment with bank. And because everyone operates here with bikes, you want to buy yours asap. If you get your bank account fast then I think it’s easier to rent a bike. This is legit and they have great student discounts: They will suggest you an online bank account in Swapfiets. Fees are more expensive than in normal bank. Now you know, deside yourself.

Moving on! After we got our brand new bikes (anothers trash is anothers comeback), we search a place to lunch and started to navigate towards it. We don’t know the city that well yet, so I used Google Maps. I kept my phone in my hand so I could navigate while I was driving, of course, why not. Well maybe because it’s illegal in Arnhem! We didn’t know that, nobody hadn’t tell us UNTIL we cycled through backyard of the central police station! Yes we did. Police patrol stoped us and asked me am I crazy, driving here with phone in my hand, thats illegal, you gonna get a 45€ ticket for that. Well I had good explanation, so they just gave me a warning. Police officer was really pleasant and understanding but he took a picture of my passport and said next time this explanation isn’t valid anymore. Fair enough.

So the moral of the story: Do not cycle and use your phone at the same time. It is dangerous and may cost you 45 euros.

Should I have asked what else is not allowed while cycling… sing a song perhaps…? Maybe next time.


  1. Great! “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Congratulations on the happy ending of your adventure. 🙂 Hope your lunch was delicious!

    ps. If you lived in Malawi, you shoud be careful not to ride a bike and fart at the same time (!), actyally you wouldn’t even need a bike for that. It could cost you some money. That’s true! 😀 Grazy world!