Some preparation…

So where should I start. Well, we have unusual situation because we ended up to drive here and live in a camper. Why, I’ll explane you in a moument. But first I give an advice for all of you who are thinking to take your exchange studies in Arnhem: You should take accommodation what partner school offers. It will make your life easier and you don’t want to try to find a rental appartment from free markets. Unless you are planing to stay hole year cause then you can find some place but still it will cost you a lot. Prices are really high, The Netherlands is expensive country. Well, instead of you want to come here with your girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance, wife or huspand or even with your pet, you have to forget the school accommodation, because thats not allowed. In addition, I don’t know why but there is no rental apartmets where you can bring pets, maybe they don’t keep pets here, idk. At least we didn’t find any. Wierd..

But IF you still want to take your huspand or wife and cat or dog (or pet pig, why not) with you, here’s one solution: Buy a camper, drive throught Baltics, Poland and Germany, find a camping area what is open around a year and park there, live there! That is exactly what we did! And here we are, living in a camper, in a countryside near by small town called Heteren (there is also town called Homoet, if someone finds that funny). Heteren is near by town called Overbetuwe, which is near by Arnhem. The camping area is about 13 kilometers from Arnhem central. This is lovely quiet place middle of trees, fields and farms, also farm animals, and also smell of those animals. Okay but seriously, it’s fine to live here. I’ve enjoyed. I was suppose to write about our preparation so let’s go backwards a little bit.

When we had gotten this fantastic idea to live in a camper, we had less than two months to find and buy our new home. That is waaaaay too short time to make a big decision like that. Still we some how managed to find one for us. It was really stressful and because we both were working 9 hours in day so we couldn’t fully concentrate to prepare our move to abroad. In addition, we had planned to hike one week just before we should leave Finland, we just wanted to take one week vacation, and we did. Very nice trip btw. Everyone should hike in the wilderness now and then! What I’m trying to say here is that don’t do like we did. Take breezily time to prepare your upcoming exchange period. Quit your job week or two before departure. Take your time, seriously.

Our new home

If you wanna do like us and buy a camper, you should start searching as soon as possible. After you found one, check that everything works: heating system, refrigerator, stove, etc. Check tyres and change all motor fluids. Basic stuff. Depending your choise of route book ferry as soon as you know the day of departure. If you choose to go through Baltics I recommend M/S Finbo Cargo. It will take little longer to get over, but it’s explicitly cheaper. You can also ship straight to Germany, and avoid road use charges in Poland. Make sure you have cash if you travel through Poland. You find cheapest fuel in Lithuania. Watch out Hannover in Germany, there might be something on a highway that will explode your back tyre. And last but not least: do not trust navigator rather listen your partner.

Alright! One more thing came up my mind about preparation. You should get your birth certification before departure. You can order it into your e-mail though, but it will be easier if you have it already when you come here. You will need it for registration.

Next time I will post about our travel, which was full of unlucky incidents one after another and it was an adventure like never before! See you then!

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