Let the journey begin!

First, I apologize for this long time since last post. My excuse is the school and all the assignments. The fact that I must do all my school stuff in English and we have had a lot of writing assignments in past three weeks, has been so exhausting. For me, it is not that easy to write in English (ofc. cause it’s my second language) and I need breaks between my writing sessions. Since I had to do so much writing for the school, I didn’t have interest do write this blog. I hope I have time and effort to write at least once in a week in future. Okay, that’s that, now let’s dive into our trip from Finland to the Netherlands!

So, our plan was departure on Wednesday 21st of August and arrival on either Friday 23rd or day after that. My studies were supposed to start with introduction week on Monday 26th. And that’s exactly what we would have done without couple little difficulties we had on our way!

Sea from ferryWednesday morning our ferry left from Vuosaari’s dock, and we arrived in Estonia around 2pm. We continued from there on wheels. We drove through Estonia and Latvian to Lithuania. For first night we found this neat hippie styled campsite in Lithuania. We arrived there on Wednesday evening. There were young adults arranging large tents and decorating trees. The hole campsite was decorated with colored stripes of fabric and all kind of different ornaments. After a little pit inquiring, we knew that there was a festival coming up next evening. Sadly, we had time to stay only for one night.

Next morning, we left early and our destination was to drove at least past Warsaw and maybe even to the border of Germany. By the way, driving through Baltics is so easy. Roads are straight (I mean like 100 km without a single curve), there are no hills and there are so many trucks going both ways that you don’t have even think about passing, because there is always another truck. After a while, still in Lithuania, we noticed two guys lifting on shoulder. They had the sign “Warsaw”. I said we could take them with us, because we were driving pass Warsaw anyway and Jenna agreed. First, we drove pass them because we had like speed of 80 km/h. We turned around and drove back to get them aboard. Josh and David were from Cap town, South Africa. They were two very friendly guys, who were just travelling and couch surfing in Europe. We had very rewarding conversations with them.

At this time, we were pass the border of Poland and we were at a good pace going to Warsaw. There was this one traffic circle where was sign to Warsaw from first exit but the navigator said we should exit from second one. Btw, if there is a sign, you should always follow the sign. And you should listen to your partner rather than the navigator. Yes, you guess right, we went from the second exit. And I think because of that we ended up to the worst road I have ever seen. And it was like 70 kilometers of that shit. You couldn’t hear nothing but every peace of our camper suffering. Road was so tight that we had to almost drive on a shoulder so other cars could pass us. And just when we thought it would end started a new road, EVEN worse. It was like pure cobblestones or you know those stones that looks like dice, the road was made with ONLY those. We had to drive like 10 km/h, and the road went through this little town or village, and all roads in this town was covered with these damn cubic stones! It was a nightmare!

Let’s continue next time…

Jenna, David, Josh, me

Jenna, David, Josh, me

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