“Daa daa daada daada, alla kiitää Puolan autostrada”

… HAHAA! You didn’t expect another post this quickly!

Alright! So, after we were recovered from the city of cubic stone roads, we finally found our route back to the highway what would lead us to Warsaw. This little sightseeing detour took about an hour extra time, and it was not worth at all. And when things start to go under, they usually keep going that way. After few hours of peaceful driving, the traffic just stopped. Everyone put their hazard flashers on and hit breaks. There was a car crash happened just a few minutes before. You can imagine what kind of traffic jam that causes. It took about one and half hours to get pass. We chose to take detour pass the crash (like most of the people did), because we didn’t know how long it would take to solve that jam. And by the time we got back to the highway traffic jam was solved. I hope that the driver survived.

Finally, we arrived in Warsaw and it was time to say goodbye to our new friends, Josh and David. I wish we meet again. We searched a campsite to get a good sleep, and we definitely needed it. Evening was cold so we decided to put heating on for a night. Quickly we noticed that something was wrong with the heating system. It didn’t heat. It was really frustrating because before our trip we did take our camper to the garage so they can check that everything works. And they said that everything works, including the heating system. Well, that wasn’t the case. Luckly, we had an extra blankets so we didn’t have to be cold.

Next morning was beautiful. The sun was shining and birds were singing. The campsite was nice and they had even a garden with a pond and beautiful flowers and other plants. There was this old man who was mowing the lawn even though there was nothing to mow. The grass was too short. I don’t know, maybe he just liked to drive lawnmower, like Forrest Gump. Hmm. Anyway, it was nice garden. And I think there was a hotel too. Well, after our little morning walk in the garden we hit the road again. Jenna drove and I was searching a garage where we could get the heating system checked out. I found a little garage nearby Warsaw. According the internet it should been Alde heating systems service partner. So, we decided to visit them, even it would slow our way with couple extra hours. We were behind our schedule anyway.

They couldn’t fix our heating system but they gave us an address for the Netherlands best caravan garage and Alde service partner, who was a friend of this Polish garage owner. The owner told us that he would e-mail to his friend so they know that we are coming. What a nice guy! We hit the road again.Mölli&Chili

Next, we got a taste of Poland’s autostrada. NOTE: Withdraw cash for this. They collect money from the users to keep the roads in a good shape. And I heard that, there they really use this money to overhaul the roads, and it seemed to be that way. There was nothing exceptional happening in this time, although it was really warm weather and we were driving against the sun. It was hard time to our cats, but they found cold place from a toilet floor. We also helped them with cold wet towels.

Finally, we got onto the border of Germany, although it was just a last stop for Polish to cash our last pennies. It’s so easy to gross countries in Europe. You wouldn’t even noticed, if everyone would speak the same language. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, but that’s the way it is right now. If you’re, let’s say a criminal and you get inside the Europe borders (illegally way ofc.), you can just wander around here. From country to another. Smug drugs and guns and okay, okay, enough for the speculation, back to the story. It was Friday evening and we were tired, so we searched a campsite from Frankfurt (there is another Frankfurt right on the East border of Germany). We found a neat campsite! A long beach with crystal-clear water. Anyway, I know our plan was to be in Arnhem at this time, but you know, because all these little things that slowed our way down. If you stack them all together, it’s almost one day driving time.

We still had two days left before my studies should start and it was only six-hour drive to Arnhem. What could go wrong?


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  1. …only six-hour drive to Arnhem…. any unexpected delays in it? 😀 Kiitti Pekka, mukava lukea matkakertomusta.