Baby steps

こんばんは!(Good evening!)

I arrived here in Fukuoka a week ago after 13 hours of traveling. I’d thought about writing a post before leaving Finland, but the closer my trip was, the more terrified I was of the whole idea of leaving. My last days in Finland were filled with tears and panic – I even considered canceling the whole thing because I was so scared, but then I decided to just face my fears and go.

When I arrived in Fukuoka, a Japanese student came to take me to my dorm – Dormy Fukuoka, which is a 5 minute walk away from Seinan Gakuin University. She was very helpful and we talked Japanese all the way here (which felt so weird, but refreshing with my rusty Japanese). She even helped me carry my luggage to my room and told me where I’d find adapters for my appliances.

The view from my patio

My first two days in Japan were not that fabulous. I mostly slept because I was homesick and alone since I had no Internet connection. When school started on Tuesday, it was my salvation. I got to know many other exchange students right on the first day and after that I haven’t been alone anymore. All the teachers and other students (my senpais) have been very helpful, guiding us through paper work and housing.

I’m slowly building my nest here at Dormy and getting used to life in Japan. We’ve been exploring other parts of the city using the subway. Yesterday we went to Hakata, where there’s a big shopping center called Canal City. It was a beautiful place. Most days we’ve spent at Tenjin, which is a bit closer.

Canal City, Hakata

A lot has happened in a week and a lot is going to happen during the next one. To summarize: weather has been cold, I’ve met a lot new people from around the world and I’m glad I chose to follow my dreams and come to Japan. I’ll write more next week, when I’m another week closer to seeing the Cherry Blossoms bloom.

I don’t know many Kanji yet, so the Japanese writing I have on this post are mainly in Hiragana and Katakana. I hope that the longer I’m here, the more you’ll see Kanji on my posts.

また らいしゅう!(See you next week!)

– サリタ