Second week


This week has been mostly about course introductions. We’ve got a week to decide if we want to drop or add any courses. At the moment I have the mandatory Japanese and Japanese orthography and reading skills classes and six electives; Japanese society through Manga and Anime, International Cooperation, History of Japan, Traditional Culture of Japan D, Japanese literature in English translation and Cultural Exchange between Japan and the West. I think I’ll be dropping one of the electives, because there is a lot of work to do in any case, though I find every subject interesting.

A small statue of Sazae-san on campus

This week I’ve gotten really comfortable living in Dormy. I love my room and I’ve created small daily and weekly routines, like doing the laundry and cleaning the room on Sundays. I’ll be making a whole post about living in Dormy later on.

On Saturday, we went to Sea Candle Workshop and to see the teamLab light show that was held in Fukuoka Castle ruins at Oohori Park. At the workshop we heard about Iki Island, which is two hours away from Fukuoka and looked very beautiful. I really want to visit it at some point. We got to make our own little gel candles by picking our favorite shells, colored glass and sand and placing them on different layers of gel. I think my candle turned out pretty nice.

Fukuoka castle

After the workshop, we walked from Tenjin to Oohori. At first we walked into a wrong park, though it was very beautiful with big Torii gates on both entrances. There was a huge shrine inside and a smaller one that was clearly dedicated to cats as it had statues of cats. When we finally got to Oohori park, we had to stand in line to get our tickets for about 20 minutes, but the weather wasn’t too cold so it was okay.

The light show itself was very magical. There was a mystical music playing on the background as these big egg-shaped lights changed color slowly. If you gave them a nudge, they changed color more quickly. There were also these colorful animals projected on the castle walls, passing each other by while animal noises were played. It was an amazing experience, but the best thing was to get to sleep after all that walking.

City lights and lights of Oohori park

But that’s all from this week. Next week we’ll be going on a field trip to Hiroshima, so my next post will most likely not be on Sunday, but later about that trip.

またねえ!(See ya!)

– サリタ