Studying Intensifies


The week after Spring Break went by so fast. Our courses have finally, truly started and that means there’s more work to do. Though most of my week has been heavily study based, there were some nice events throughout the week.

On Sunday 11th of February, me and my friends had a get-together at one of my friends’. We had spent our Spring Break in different places and wanted to share our experiences and some souvenirs with each other. We talked until around 11 pm, when suddenly we heard thunder. At first we were in denial since it was snowing outside, but then we saw the flash of a lightning. In a blink of an eye, everyone was getting ready to go back home. On our way back, we saw flashes a couple of times, but the thunder never came too close. It was just a very strange phenomenon seeing and hearing thunder while it was snowing huge flakes. I tried to get it on video, but didn’t succeed.

Different kinds of sweets from different parts of Japan

After coming back to Fukuoka, we’ve realized how many interesting places there are just around the corner and we keep discovering new places every day. On Monday, me and my friends went to a cat and dog cafe just a short walk away from Dormy. It is a small place with one dog and three different cats. All three of us have pets, so going to a cat or dog cafe is like therapy. The desserts there are really good too. I ate a chocolate cake and drank some ginger tea, since I’ve felt like I’ve caught a cold lately.

Here’s a Valentine’s Day kind of purikura from yesterday

It was Valentine’s Day on Wednesday and in Japanese culture women give their male friends, co-workers, classmates and family members chocolate. I only had one class that day and the rest of the day I spent studying in my room, so I gave some Finnish chocolate to those I had lunch with. Dinner at our dorm was clearly planned to make us lonely people feel better on Valentine’s day, since there was seafood spaghetti, and chocolate mousse as dessert – doesn’t that sound romantic?

Cherry Blossom season has started, though there’s no buds in trees yet

I also got my work permit, which is a stamp on my residence card. I’m going to be working on a English camp next month and have applied for another gig too, but haven’t heard back from there yet.

Visited Pokemon Center at Hakata Station

But that’s about it. Back to studying!