Exploring Fukuoka


Yet another week has passed and most of it I’ve studied. Saturday was a day we had a break from studying and stressing. We went to Fukuoka Tower, which is a short walk away from Seinan Gakuin University. I can see it from my balcony and it has intrigued me for many weeks. To tell you the truth, I actually went to see the tower alone on Tuesday, because I was feeling energetic and wanted to take a walk. I saved the visit to inside the tower for Saturday, when my friends would join me, and just walked past it to the beach.

Momochi beach

I love the sea and seeing such vastness was one of the most beautiful views I’ve seen. I spent about an hour just gazing at the ocean and walking around the beach searching for beautiful seashells. I’d had two quizzes that day and going to the beach really relaxed me. It made me forget all my stress for a while. It’s slowly getting warmer here and I saw lots of other people walking around the beach already. I can’t wait for Spring to fully begin, so I can go to the beach more often.

On Saturday, we went to Fukuoka Tower together with my friends. Inside we had to buy a ticket to get to the top, but there was a nice discount for foreigners. Before you enter the elevator that takes you up, there’s a photo taken of your group that you can buy afterwards – just like in an amusement park.

Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka Tower is a 234 meters tall building made with 8000 one-way mirrors on the outer walls. It is built to withstand earthquakes with the seismic intensity of 7 on the Richter scale, and a wind as strong as 63 meters per second. It was built in 1989 and it is the tallest seaside building in Japan. The mirror walls have four different light illuminations representing the four seasons. I saw the Tower’s Valentine’s Day illumination, which had pink hearts. I’m excited to see the Spring illumination. Can you guess the pattern? Cherry blossoms!

View of Momochi Beach from the Tower

On the top floor of Fukuoka Tower the view is amazing. You can see the ocean, islands, the beach, mountains and Fukuoka city all the way to Hakata Bay. I was so excited to see the school and our dormitory from up there. Usually I watch the tower from my dorm room, but then I was watching our dorm from the tower – it was funny. There are souvenir vending machines and stamping stations on the top floor, so you can get something to remind you of your trip. I’m collecting key chains from everywhere I visit, so I got a key chain of Fukuoka tower with a small bell on it. There was also a funny 3D floor painting of a cup of Tonkotsu Ramen, which is Fukuoka’s speciality.

3D Tonkotsu Ramen

On the “3rd” floor is a Lover’s Sanctuary. There are love fortunes that you can buy and heart-shaped love locks that you can write you and your partner’s names on and then lock it to the railing with the others. Benches on this floor are glass boxes with artificial white roses inside. It is a nice place to view the beauty of the city with your loved one.

Love locks

After visiting the Tower, we went to Momochi beach and ate some Tonkotsu Ramen and ice-cream. We planned to go back to the beach later, when it gets warmer. I really want to swim. The rest of the evening we spent in one of my friends’ apartment watching a movie after playing a few rounds at an arcade in Tenjin. It was a very nice day and made it easier to concentrate on my studies during the week. After all, it is important to relax from time to time!