Visiting Meinohama


Our midterm examinations are here. I’m overflowing with work today as my Kanji midterm exam is tomorrow, so I’ll be keeping it short.

Statue in front of Meinohama station

My Saturday began with a kimono photo shoot. Sometimes we get nice opportunities via Seinan’s CIE office and I’d sent my application to take part in a kimono photo shoot through them. At the studio, they made my hair and makeup and dressed me up in a beautiful kimono. There were three of us Seinan students on that day and we had a really fun time being photographed by a professional. I really enjoyed it and appreciate having that opportunity. I can’t wait to get the photos.

Last week we decided to visit our friend, who lives a couple of train stops away from Nishijin, in Meinohama. So later that day, I met up with my friends at Fujisaki from where we continued to Meinohama by the subway.

Ferris wheel in Marinoa City

We went to Marinoa City, which is a shopping area on a pier in Meinohama. It was already dark when we got there, but Fukuoka city lights looked really nice from there. I’m used to seeing Fukuoka Tower facing towards where I live, so seeing it from the side felt strange. We ate some delicious Italian food at an Italian restaurant near the Ferris wheel before riding it. I can also see the Ferris wheel from my balcony and being able to finally ride it was amazing. Because it was already so dark all we could really see were the city lights, but the vastness of the sea of lights was also beautiful. I wish to ride it again during daytime to be able to see the mountains.

After the Ferris wheel we ate some crepes. I bought one with strawberries, vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce and it was delicious!  The sweet strawberries were from a nearby city called Kumamoto. The rest of the time in Marinoa City we spent at Taito Shop playing arcade games and trying our luck with UFO catchers. I actually won a dog plushie and a cat bag from the UFO catchers. I was so surprised and happy that I just smiled the rest of the evening.

This is what it pretty much looks like when I’m studying

But now I shall sink back into my books. Wish me luck!