Cultural festival


I’m still in the middle of midterms, so this post will also be a short one.

Last weekend a high school nearby held a cultural festival. In Japan, schools hold cultural festivals annually to show what the students have been learning as the school opens its doors to visitors. Every class and some school clubs hold different events from cafes to theatrical performances in their classrooms and gyms.

At the high school we went to, there was live music in the courtyard and refreshments sold close-by. There was a lot to do as different classrooms in different floors had various activities in them. First, we went to see “The works of hell”-exhibition, which held different levels of hell as small statues and paintings explained in Japanese by the students of that class. Then we wondered around the floors looking around the classes, seeing themes from Godzilla to peace campaigns. There was a lot to choose from and there were students advertising their own activities to people passing and even on different floors. I really enjoyed an exhibition on Japanese mythological creatures as I’ve always been interested in mythology. The students were wearing costumes of different creatures and as a group approached, they told us about themselves in Japanese.

The festival was well organized and the students had clearly used a lot of time and thought in making their activities. They also seemed to have a lot of fun as the building was filled with bubbly talk and laughter.

Fukuoka Tower’s Spring illumination

Later that night, we went to see Fukuoka Tower as the Cherry Blossom season has started and the Tower’s illumination has changed to pink flowers. There were also pink lights on trees next to the Tower. It is really beautiful. We also went to the beach, because the weather was nice and warm.

Weather right now

Right now it’s rainy and foggy – a nice weather to just stay inside. I’m kind of hungry and can’t wait to go get some dinner downstairs.