Living Lab – a User-centered Open Innovation Ecosystem

By Heidi Neuvonen

Piotr Krawczyk

A series of JAMK Centre for Competitiveness webinars started this week by introducing the Living Lab – concept, which was presented by a specialist Piotr Krawczyk from JAMK. Murat Akpinar from JAMK acted as a host. It was possible for the audience to participate in the discussion by asking questions.

At the beginning of the webinar, Piotr Krawczyk elaborated on the basic concepts. Living Lab and user-driven innovation are topical concepts globally, nationally and locally. Living Labs are innovation environments in real-life settings which are integrated within social context of service and/or product developments. Several actual examples and future activities were provided in the discussion. The webinar ended with recommendations for improving the potential contributions of living labs on regional competitiveness. To access the Living Lab webinar, click the link below:

The webinar sessions are being recorded and available online at . To access past sessions, click the link in the appropriate webinar description. For further information regarding the content, we encourage you to contact the key speakers after the event. The contact info is provided in the video.

We also welcome your opinions on potential topics to be included in our webinars. For suggestions please make a comment in the blog post or contact Murat Akpinar at