Finland: a business paradise

By Irina Starovoytova

Finally Finland is officially recognized as a paradise for business. According to the Grant Thornton Global Dynamism Index (Oct., 2012) Finland is second best country in the world for dynamic growing businesses. It is ahead of Sweden, Israel, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, South Korea, Germany and United States. Best of best is one of the Asian Tigers – Singapore.

Criteria for evaluation were chosen on the basis of expert analysis. In business operating environment Finland took the leading position. Science and technology and financing environment were also estimated high, whereas in such indicators as labor and human capital, and economics and growth it was far behind of fast growing Argentina, Uruguay, China and surprisingly (?) the Slovak Republic, even not appearing among the first ten.

Stephen Chipman, chief executive officer of Grant Thornton LLP says about the survey “Rather than provide a measure of an economy’s success during a period of high economic turbulence, this iteration provides a true illustration of the strength of each economy as a place for dynamic businesses to flourish.”

Read more in the official report on Global Dynamism Index 2012 from the below link: