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‘Diversity, Inclusion, and Competitiveness’ – webinar

By Riitta Saastamoinen

‘Diversity, Inclusion, and Competitiveness’ –webinar was organized by JAMK Centre for Competitiveness on November 14, 2012. In the webinar, three practiced international Diversity & Inclusion experts, Dr. George Simons, Mr. Elmer Dixon, and Ms. Joy Hawkins, discussed with the JAMK representatives Dr. Murat Akpinar, Mr. Steven Crawford, and Ms. Riitta Saastamoinen, on the reasons and practices for including diversity at work places, and on the role of Diversity & Inclusion work in increasing companies’ competitiveness. As Mr. Dixon and Ms. Hawkins pointed out, good diversity practices make the employees willing and capable of doing their best for the company, which increases productivity and cuts cost, for instance, by reducing job turnover and unnecessary sick leaves. If you missed the webinar, you can watch it online at


or read a summary of the discussion from Diversity webinar summary.

Enhancing competitiveness with Diversity & Inclusion practices

By Riitta Saastamoinen

Mr. Elmer Dixon on board

’Diversity & Inclusion. Working to enhance the competitiveness of Finnish businesses’ was the topic of a two-day JAMK Center for Competitiveness seminar on November 12-13, 2012. Three seasoned international experts of Diversity & Inclusion, Dr. George Simons, Mr. Elmer Dixon and Ms. Joy Hawkins, discussed the need for, benefits of and best practices in diversity management at work places.

Mr. Matti Hirsilä, the Head of the JAMK Global Business Management Department, opened the seminar by pointing out how competitiveness of businesses has in past been mainly approached as cost cutting, but in the future competitiveness enhancing will depend significantly on how the companies can create something new and be innovative. Diversity & Inclusion strategies and practices have a major role in this, as like Mr. Dixon later pointed out, “Diversity and global literacy enhance the quality of problem solving, decision making, and innovation.” If the managers and employees have good cultural competence, the continuously increasing diversity of the customers, markets and workforce becomes an asset.

Diversity, as introduced by Ms. Hawkins, refers to the “unique characteristics or differences that each of us have”, like gender, age, race or ethnic background, personality, educational background or parental status. At work places people also differ due to the factors like job function, work location, or seniority in the company. Inclusion means the active ways to prevent exclusion: understanding diversity as strength, encouraging everybody’s involvement, and providing people with equal access to opportunities and information.

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