When the jorney comes true

It’s my fourth day in Germany now and two nights have I spent in my dormitory in Göppingen. Most of my stuff is still unpacked, but the most essential things have found their places, like the coffee machine, the computer and the bed sheets. There haven’t been enough time for making the dormitory cozy. Actually this is my first day when I have time and energy to arrange my personal things. I haven’t planned on what I should bring with me until the last day I was in Finland, when I started finally packing. So you could say that something must be missing, fortunately there are markets, shops and other services from 15 minute’s walk away.

I felt drowsy during the first couple days and started to regret this choice. I guess I was avoiding my negative feelings about this trip until the departure day and all the negative feelings were showing up strongly. The hardest part is to separate from my beloved ones. In addition of growing as person I want to construct and maintain my relationship with my girlfriend and family. That made me promise myself that I will perform winter semester first and then rethink if I want to continue on spring semester. For me it’s easier to split this challenge in smaller pieces rather than just carry it out. Now I have calm down and used to the idea of being here and more positive things starts to come out.

Yesterday it was the first orientation day in Esslingen and there were approximately 100 of us. Our international coordinators took us to the castle of Esslingen throught the Old city where we played some social skills games and enjoyed food and drinks. After that we found a park where we continued chatting and drinking with the other exchange students in Göppingen. The atmosphere was welcoming, warm and people took each other into account.

Looking forward one day at a time.

What a great day we had


A view from the Esslingen castle hill



  1. Hello Samuli!

    Hope you are well and enjoy your time there!!! You express yourself so well in english,that your old ount needs all the grey braincells she’s got to keep up:)

    Earlier you posted about a lecture that you have to keep, something about Germany. Have you already decided the subject?
    I wonder maybe you can find something incommon between Finland and Germany in history; to bind them in same paggage somehow?
    Hope your studying keeps going well!!!

    Take care of yourself!

    rds, Soile

    • Hello Soile!

      Haha thank you for compliment! I got to say that my brain cells are getting more grey than ever here.

      We already decided in group that we are going to have a presentation of Johannes Guttenberg. It was my mother’s idea.

      It’s nice to have so good supporting network back there! 🙂

      Kind regards

  2. Ok; hope we’ll hear how your presentation went!
    I forgot to say, that the view from the hill is beautyfull, like “if you were abroad”!

    Enjoy and learn!

    rds, Soile