Life has turned into everyday living

Winter semester has begun here at 25 of September and I have attended to 8 courses so far.

Here is a list of courses I´m willing to accomplish during this semester:
– Industrial Communications
– Power Electronics
– Control Engineering
– Simulation and Systems Control
– Simulation Technology
– Microprocessor Technology
– German language A1.1 (beginner)
– German History & Culture



If you are interested in courses contents, click here and find Göppingen Campus and Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering Faculty.

In total I should receive 37 credits if I complete all of them. At first I was taking only 7 courses, but then it turned out if I need to receive 5 credits from Simulation and System Control it is obligatory to attend an additional course called Simulation Technology. Basically it means more work than it at the first place was supposed to be and with the same profit.

All classes of mechatronics have been interesting, especially because, we have obligatory laboratory classes from all courses. For me it’s easier to learn through practical sessions. Particular dates and times have been reserved for the laboratory classes, an undergraduate performance or absence means immediate failing and you are out from the course. It is the same with an exams, first registration is required and you got only one shot to pass the exams. In other words, this system really motivates to graduate.

Simulation and Systems Control and Control Engineering feels really challenging. In both courses we have been modelling processes from real life with differential equations and more comes later. We work mostly with Matlab, which we got for free from the Hochschule Esslingen. I don’t like the subject too much but I understand the potential of these learning goals. Those are definitely the two hardest courses and it’s necessary to put more effort on them to pass the exam. I picked a microprocessor technology course to understand the basics more and learn new approaching manners with microprocessors. This course is more for my hobbies than working life, but surely useful knowledge to anywhere where job description includes programming or integrated systems. I will come back to the other courses later when I know more about them.

Besides the studies I’ve been playing guitar, computer games and hanging out with my fellows. We were in Volksfest with Finnish group yesterday. There were an amusement park and really large tents which were like big saloons inside. A significant element was the people, after 5 p.m the empty tent started to fill up. The atmosphere was full of enthusiasm and joy. The beer was expensive in comparison to German price level, but still cheaper than in Finland. From the amusement park I found a liquorice which was the top thing that day.

Inspiring way to spend time.
At Volksfest.