The last month

My exchange time here is soon to be over here in Germany, so i decided to make a post of my final weeks here and what I still need to arrange before I go.

The time at IPA is coming to an end, the employment contract is valid until end of the August. I have liked my being in that institute even though they couldn’t offer work in the field of my studies. Instead I’ve been working a lot with PLCs and communication systems like PROFINET, EtherCat and OPC-UA. Additionally, I have learned modelling with SolidWork and coding with Java Script. I feel confident about from my learning during the internship and that’s definitely the best part from this experience.

Nevertheless, that didn’t come easily, the hard part there is a daily travel to University of Stuttgart which takes one and half hour in minimum. Unfortunately the train schedule isn’t so solid in Germany either, in average, due to accident’s I spent 20 hours in week on way to work. There been couple times when I’ve been as much working as been on way to and from work. The second untoward upcoming was that we’ve been told in our home university that the common internship takes 6 months, and the companies wont most likely make shorter contracts. Either Hochschule Esslingen didn’t gave any opinions or more information for searching the internship. Now later we heard that there is only need for 100 hours of working which are approximately 5 months.

I choose to spent my holiday at once on the last weeks, so I will flight back to Finland in 27th of august. That will leave me still 4 weeks to arrange things to settle my double degree program. The things to do are:

  • internship report for Hocschule Esslingen, which has to be signed by my supervisor,
  • get a letter of confirmation from host school,
  • get a Transcript of records also from host school,
  • announce to town hall of Göppingen that I will be no longer a resident,
  • close bank account.

In addition, I will send my stuff to Finland via DHL’s post service, that is relatively inexpensive option in comparison to bring them with me in airplane. The cost of delivery is around 30 euros plus packet.  A free tip for coming exchange students, if kitchen goods doesn’t belong in your rental agreement, you could try to reach the leaving students and buy their goods. I spent many evenings in stores and carrying stuff such as microwave oven, coffee maker, etc. How much easier would have that been, well I already made a deal of other goods with a coming exchange student from Finland.

There is still some other things concerning the Erasmus grand money, for example repeat the language test and write a additional report. At last, when I’m back to my University, I will arrange my Learning agreement with my exchange coordinator and transfer my credits.