The last post

I have flew back to Finland and my studies will continue here normally. By initial conversation with my responsible professor in JAMK, I’ve been told that I could recognize all my subject studies in Hochshule Esslingen studies to professional elective studies, all 15 ECTS credits. That was huge relief, because it wasn’t certain when I started the double degree program. Now I need to deal with all this paper stuff, such as Learning agreement (before, during and after parts) and Letter of Confirmation. They have to be ready until 5th of September which is quite strict time schedule.

I feel great to be back in Finland, even though the experience was priceless. The time in exchange was stressful since there was a lot unclear things or it wasn’t easy to get help on our problems. I totally recommend this for anyone who is interested in being abroad for longer stays, by exchange in abroad, you can test yourself in new environment and learn more about your truly selves. For me the reason wasn’t to find myself or who I really am, but still that happen somehow.

I want to thank all the commentators!

It only takes courage, curiosity and little bit craziness.