Monthly Archives: July 2014

Only 40 days to go!

First I have to say for people who don’t know me that well: I’m the master of freaking out over things beforehand.

I just realized I have only about 40 days until I leave Finland. Oh my god! The whole time  the trip to Croatia has seemed so distant but the dream is finally getting closer to reality. The hardest part so far has been sending the application papers to Croatia, everything else has been almost too easy. I bought my flights and my plane leaves from Helsinki on 4th September. When I get to Zagreb, I have a long weekend before the school starts on 8th. There’s just enough time to get to know the city a little bit and settle down for a while. I got a nice little flat near the city centre and I’m really happy about that. The flat is rented through the agency Home in Zagreb.

I also realized that I haven’t applied financial aid from Kela yet. Applying money from Kela is quite a mess because I don’t get money from Kela for my tuition yet. Also I’m working for the summer and I don’t know how that affects the money I get from Kela. I think I have to go and sort things out at the office. Man, they must really love me at Kela! On a positive note, I got an e-mail from our school a couple of weeks ago saying that I’ve been awarded a grant for my exchange period. Also fortunately, on wednesday, I have a day off from work so I can go to Kela and also figure out what insurance to get. What else to do on a day off, right? 😀

This week I got an e-mail from my school in Zagreb saying that my buddy student from the school should be contacting me soon. It seems that there are only two students from Finland going to Zagreb school of Economics and Management, both from Jyväskylä. They also sent me this video about Zagreb: Can’t wait 🙂