Monthly Archives: August 2014

Sounds like paradise

I have a little more than two weeks until I leave Finland. It feels like it’s raining all the time here, preferably when I’m either cycling to work  or walking my dog. At this very moment it’s +25 at Zagreb, sunny, the wind is two meters per second. Not bad! 😀 On the other hand, I’m going to miss my dog and my boyfriend, even the Finnish  weather (when it’s not raining). I can’t help but feeling a little bit sad about leaving everything back. I hope that this feeling clears off when I finally get to Zagreb. I know that this is mostly because I have never done anything this courageous or independent in my life and I’m just nervous.

Planning the trip is going well. I sorted out the insurance and Kela issues. I got a letter from Kela today that the aid has been granted. I didn’t need to deliver my rental agreement or salary information to Kela, again I was stressing over nothing. I got the agency Home in Zagreb to pick me up at the airport. They are going to take me straight to the apartment and help me with the contracts etc. The only thing that I have to worry about anymore is getting a residence permit when I get to Zagreb. The permit can be registered at the police station. They need a bunch of document in Croatian and it costs about 30 euros. When I get to Zagreb I also need to get my personal identification number from the tax office. I guess it’s something similar to a social security number.

I have been doing some research about Croatia in the past few weeks. There isn’t as much information about Croatia on the internet as you would think. The most interesting thing that I found was this Anthony Bourdain – no reservations episode that I found from YouTube: Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations – Croatian coast. Everyone check it out! I also ordered myself a Croatia travel guide. It has over 300 pages of information about places to see in Croatia and reading it feels like one semester isn’t enough. Endless amounts of islands, waterfalls and good food. Sounds like paradise.