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Ja sam iz Jyväskyläe?

I finally know my schedule for the semester and the lectures have properly started. The courses I’m taking are: Financial Institutions and Markets, Social Psychology, E-business, Promotion, Introduction to EU and Croatian Language and Culture. Croatian Language and Culture seems interesting. In the Croatian language if you live in a place that ends in the letter ‘a’ you change the letter ‘a’ to ‘e’ in the genetiv form. The teacher was confused when I told her I live in a city that ends in a… with dots. Actually, all the courses seem interesting, all except Financial Institutions and Markets where I don’t know anything about what the teacher is talking about. Her English is very good, that’s not the problem. The problem is that she’s talking about liquidity, stocks, bonds and everything else that sounds like Hebrew to me. Otherwise, my schedule for the semester seems nice because I have Mondays off so I can go for trips and see Croatia and maybe other places too. The other days are harder, especially Wednesdays ELEVEN hour day.

But enough about school and into the fun stuff. We went to Split and Hvar this weekend with some of the exchange students. It was so much fun! Split is a big city on the coast, a five-hour-ride away from Zagreb. Here’s some pictures of Hvar. I only have pictures from Hvar because we came to Split Friday night when it was already dark. Saturday morning it started to rain in Split. Fortunately when we came to Hvar it was beautiful. We spent two nights in Hvar and came back Monday night.



The island of Hvar, So beautiful ans warm!



Going to the beach!




Anyways, good to be back in Zagreb. My friend and her friend came for a visit from Finland and we’re gonna do all the tourist stuff together. Yei!


I decided to list some first impressions of Zagreb.

Language. The headline means Saturday in Croatian. Bok means hi or bye or something like that. I still don’t know how to say thank you or hello for example when I’m at the grocery store where they don’t speak English and I think it would be kind to try to say something in Croatian. It would be helpful to learn a few words also because the product information on the groceries is usually in Croatian, Serbian and Russian, seldom in English.

My place. I got to my own place yesterday. There was something wrong with the pipes upstairs so the plumbers needed to do something in my apartment too. The first night I stayed at Chillout Hostel, which was a nice and clean place at the centrum. My place is near the centrum too and there are shops and everything you need really close. My place is on one of the main streets in Zagreb but it’s still really calm and quiet because the apartment is on the other side of the building than the street. My bathroom is really awful, but everything else is fine.

Restaurants. The service here is really nice and everyone at the restaurants speak English. The food (or coffee, or drinks) is not expensive either. I went to have a pizza at the best pizza place (so I heard) in Zagreb (Karijola) and it cost 50kn (6 €). Not bad, and the pizza really was the best that I’ve had in ages.

Groceries. Everything fresh you can buy from the marketplace. There’s a marketplace next to my apartment and I went there this morning. The marketplace was really crowded as it is Saturday and the tables were full of fresh stuff. I bought myself some vegetables. They would’ve had meat, fish and cheese too. I don’t know what the prices were, I got the impression that it was really cheap, but some of the places didn’t have prices written. So I just gave some kunas to the person who gave me some vegetables and money back. You can also find bread shops in almost every street corner. I went and bought myself a huge bread from a bread shop this morning and the price was under one euro. For other stuff you go to the store but I heard from Boze (my host/landlord) that vegetables and other fresh stuff are more expensive there and they are not as healthy.

Buildings. At the centrum the buildings are really old and incredibly beautiful. A couple blocks from the main square the buildings are just old. I found out that most of the pictures I take are about the weird/sad looking buildings. I don’t know why. Here are some examples.

20140905_085233 20140906_145439

Wi-Fi. I don’t have any internet yet, that really sucks because I don’t know that much people yet and the only way I can stay in contact with anyone is through Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp. The operator was supposed to come and connect the internet on Friday but they decided to come on Monday instead. On the other hand, the absence of internet gave me a good excuse to go snooping around the city today. I went to the centrum and found a nice café/bar where I could use Wi-Fi. I spent two hours there, drank a couple cups of coffee and chatted with Mikko on Skype. Also, without the Internet, I had to think of other things to do. So I went to a bookshop and bought myself an English edition of a book by Zoran Ferić who, I guess, is a well-known Croatian author. Anyway, I’m sending you this post from the hallway where I go to steal the neighbours’ Wi-Fi while waiting for Monday. That’s when the school starts too, that I’m really looking forward on.  But more about the school stuff next week. Byeee!


I’m now sitting at Frankfurt airport waiting for my flight to leave in a couple of hours. This place is huge, maybe five times the size of Helsinki-Vantaa. There are no straight flights to Zagreb, that’s why I have to make a pit stop here. The plane to Frankfurt was a nice little Lufthansa plane, I guess the next plane will be similar.

I’m really surprised how slow the wifi connections are here. I wonder how good  the connections are going to be at my new home. The price of food and coffee, however, doesn’t surprise me. 3,90 for a cup of coffee, and it tastes like poison. The bread roll was OK. They also kept the thirty cents of change as a tip without even asking. Kinda’ rude I think.

I got the schedule for my first day at school yesterday. We’re going to go to see all the sights already on the first day. Then there are going to be some group activities too and a photo-shoot (?). Even though I know that we are going to see the sights together on Monday, I think I might do a little sightseeing myself on the weekend. And what else to do? I don’t know anyone from the city yet.

My buddy student Ivan sent me a message saying that he can help me if I have any questions or problems. He also mentioned that the weather in Zagreb has been crappy lately. I wonder if it could be crappier than in Finland. I’ll bet that their standards are a little bit different than mine. 🙂 Looking forward on seeing the weather and the city and everything in just a few hours! I’m so excited (of leaving Frankfurt airport).

The packing has started!

I just started packing my stuff and the suitcase is already full! A lot of my stuff isn’t in yet. I’m a little bit worried if I can fit all my stuff into just twenty kilos. Although I’m not a girly girl, I have at least five pairs of shoes that I want (HAVE) to take with me. I’ve been staying at Iisalmi for the past few days. Tomorrow afternoon we’ll drive almost 500 km to Helsinki with Mikko (my man 😀 ) to his sisters place and I’ll leave from there to the airport on Thursday morning.

I still don’t know about the schedule to our first week at the school but I’ll figure it out. Everything has worked out just fine so far so this must too.  That’s all for now, sauna is ready and I have to go and take the last löyly before going. It’s going to be a long time without sauna!