Ja sam iz Jyväskyläe?

I finally know my schedule for the semester and the lectures have properly started. The courses I’m taking are: Financial Institutions and Markets, Social Psychology, E-business, Promotion, Introduction to EU and Croatian Language and Culture. Croatian Language and Culture seems interesting. In the Croatian language if you live in a place that ends in the letter ‘a’ you change the letter ‘a’ to ‘e’ in the genetiv form. The teacher was confused when I told her I live in a city that ends in a… with dots. Actually, all the courses seem interesting, all except Financial Institutions and Markets where I don’t know anything about what the teacher is talking about. Her English is very good, that’s not the problem. The problem is that she’s talking about liquidity, stocks, bonds and everything else that sounds like Hebrew to me. Otherwise, my schedule for the semester seems nice because I have Mondays off so I can go for trips and see Croatia and maybe other places too. The other days are harder, especially Wednesdays ELEVEN hour day.

But enough about school and into the fun stuff. We went to Split and Hvar this weekend with some of the exchange students. It was so much fun! Split is a big city on the coast, a five-hour-ride away from Zagreb. Here’s some pictures of Hvar. I only have pictures from Hvar because we came to Split Friday night when it was already dark. Saturday morning it started to rain in Split. Fortunately when we came to Hvar it was beautiful. We spent two nights in Hvar and came back Monday night.



The island of Hvar, So beautiful ans warm!



Going to the beach!




Anyways, good to be back in Zagreb. My friend and her friend came for a visit from Finland and we’re gonna do all the tourist stuff together. Yei!