Time flies by

My first month in Croatia has already passed. Time really flies by so fast. We already have our first exam this Saturday and it’s about the history and institutions of EU. So hard but so important to know. After Saturday I have four days off school since Wednesday 8.10. is independence day and I have Mondays AND Tuesdays off now. What to do? Where to go? Tips anyone?

Tuesdays are free because I did some more changes into my learning agreement today. I dropped Financial Institutions and Markets because I have been to the classes for three weeks now and still don’t understand what the teacher is talking about. The course is, I guess or then I’m just really stupid, meant for more advanced studies. In Finland I only studied sales and marketing so finance stuff is really strange for me. I replaced the course with Management of Arts (4 ects) which is an intensive course in October/November. Since I’m a cultural producer by my earlier profession, this stuff really interests me.

My friends from Finland left yesterday and for the first time I’m feeling a little lonely and homesick. I like being/living alone but I really got used to having someone to talk to all the time for the past week. With Venla and Pihla we did some tourist things and went to some really nice restaurants too.


On Friday we went for dinner to Trilogija which is one of the finer restaurants in Zagreb. My sea-bass and a glass of white wine cost about 20 euros – not bad.



On Saturday we went to Plitvice lakes. Plitvice is a national park in the heart of Croatia. These pictures really don’t do justice to the place because it’s impossible to capture the real beauty of the place. It literary is paradise. It takes about 2,5 hours to get to Plitvice from Zagreb by bus. The ticket to Plitvice costs 80 kn so about 10 euros. If you go to Plitvice you have to reserve at least five hours of time to go around the park and have some snacks packed with you because the place is big and there’s lots to see.

Until next time, hugs and kisses!