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I have a final exam tomorrow about Croatian language. That’s why I thought it would be fun to list some words that have been useful for me here. Here goes:

Hvala: Thank you, the most important word.

Dobar dan: Hello/ good day. You have different words in the morning and evening but usually you can use this one if you want to.

Dobro: Good. You can also say super or jako dobro if it’s very good.

Doviđenja (or just đenja): Goodbye. đ is pronounced like ds or dz

Deset jaja: Ten eggs (useful in the marketplace where they don’t always speak English)

Jedan kuhano vino pijelo: One glass of cooked white wine. Kind of like white glögi in Finland, a must have in the Christmas Markets.

Kava s mlijekom: Coffee with milk. It’s basically an espresso with lots of hot milk in it. Going for a cup of coffee here is common every time of year, week or day.


Živeli: Cheers!

Bok (or sometimes bokbokbokbok, which sounds really funny): Hi or bye, informal greeting.

Može (you can repeat this many times too): Okay (the straight translation is can)

Da/ne: Yes/ no.

Ja sam iz Finske: I am from Finland. There aren’t many Finnish people in Zagreb so people are sometimes wondering why does a person from Finland come to Zagreb. Well, why not?

Kebab sa sirom: Kebab with cheese (my appartment is next to the best kebab place in Zagreb). When they ask for the sauce, just say pola pola which means half and half (spicy and mild).

Ne volim kišu (the š here sounds like your sneezing): I don’t like the rain. Because it’s raining a lot in Zagreb.

That’s just something on the top of my mind. Also knowing the numbers from one to ten have come in handy. After tomorrows exam I have only my E-business presentation left and I’m done! Boy does it feel good to have a vacation. I’m still going to Rijeka with a friend for the weekend before going back home for Christmas so kiirettä pitää, as they say in Finland.

Our time is running out

It’s already December, I have less than two weeks of school left and in exactly two weeks from now I’m already in the plane on my way back to Finland. I have to say I’m really happy to go back home. I miss the people and I’m really exited about returning to Jyväskylä. I’m also a bit stressed about going back because there’s so much I want to do before I go.

School is really hectic. Last week was probably the most effective week I’ve had in Croatia so far. Although having an ear infection and probably fever, I managed to hold two group presentations, go to school, go to the Christmas Markets two nights in a row and travel to Belgrade for the weekend. This week is also very busy. I had an exam yesterday, I have to finish doing my website for E-business, there’s one presentation on Wednesday and there’s a really hard exam coming on Monday.

Despite this all, I hope I’ll have some time to hang around the Christmas Markets this week also. Christmas Markets in Zagreb are truly adorable and magical. There’s cooked wine and live music everywhere you go, beautiful lights, little booths selling stuff and an outdoor ice rink! I feel like I’ve fallen in love with this city all over again. I guess it’s normal to feel sad about leaving too…



Recently, I have also used my weekends efficiently. Two weeks ago I went to Ljubljana and Bled in Slovenia. Ljubljana was a wonderful place, smaller than Zagreb, peaceful and beautiful, and colder! That’s where I got a cold and the ear infection. But I had a good time, met some nice people and saw some nice places, here’s some pictures from my trip:




Next weekend two friends came for a visit and we hung around in Zagreb. And this weekend, as I said, I took a bus to Belgrade. The size of the city really surprised me. Belgrade is almost twice the size of Zagreb. Unofficially, there are about 1,8 million people in Belgrade. That’s why just a weekend felt like a too short time to stay there. There were some things I would’ve liked to see, but I just didn’t have the time. Here’s some pictures from Belgrade. In the first pictures, there’s some main sights and in the second pictures, there are some of the buildings that Nato bombed on 1999. I really got the feeling that people don’t want to talk about the war or the recent history otherwise. Only the buildings tell about the history. The people just want to party. It’s actually a tad irritating.



That’s it for now. I started writing this post because I’m trying to avoid school work but now I have to get a grip already. Until next time!