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Experience of a lifetime

Now that I’m back in Finland and back in Jyväskylä, it’s time to try to sum up the last few months. I won’t say that I loved every second of my time in Croatia because that isn’t true. But that’s all part of the pattern almost everyone goes through when starting something new. Step 1: Going for an […]


I have a final exam tomorrow about Croatian language. That’s why I thought it would be fun to list some words that have been useful for me here. Here goes: Hvala: Thank you, the most important word. Dobar dan: Hello/ good day. You have different words in the morning and evening but usually you can use […]

Our time is running out

It’s already December, I have less than two weeks of school left and in exactly two weeks from now I’m already in the plane on my way back to Finland. I have to say I’m really happy to go back home. I miss the people and I’m really exited about returning to Jyväskylä. I’m also a […]


Since this is, after all, a school blog, i thought it would be reasonable to write one post only about my school here in Zagreb. The school I go to is Zagreb School of Economics and Management or shortly just ZSEM. It is a private school so the “normal” students who go there, pay for […]

A trip around Balkan (almost)

No that I finally have some time, I’ll tell you all about our trip around Balkans (well just Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro). Maybe later I’ll do the rest. 😀 First we went to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. We spent two nights in Sarajevo and I fell in love with the city so much I […]

Winter is coming

That’s right. Winter is coming. Yesterday the temperature dropped from +20 to +6 and it’s raining ice cold water all the time. Also:  Mikko is coming tomorrow and we’re gonna go road-tripping: one of the places is Dubrovnik, where they film Game of Thrones. SO COOL! Before that we will do some sightseeing in Zagreb, […]


I just came back from my trip and what a trip it was indeed. For my short vacation from school I decided to go to Zadar for a couple nights.  Zadar is a historic city on the coast in northern Dalmatia and about 80 000 people live there. First when I got to Zadar bus […]

Time flies by

My first month in Croatia has already passed. Time really flies by so fast. We already have our first exam this Saturday and it’s about the history and institutions of EU. So hard but so important to know. After Saturday I have four days off school since Wednesday 8.10. is independence day and I have […]

Ja sam iz Jyväskyläe?

I finally know my schedule for the semester and the lectures have properly started. The courses I’m taking are: Financial Institutions and Markets, Social Psychology, E-business, Promotion, Introduction to EU and Croatian Language and Culture. Croatian Language and Culture seems interesting. In the Croatian language if you live in a place that ends in the […]


I decided to list some first impressions of Zagreb. Language. The headline means Saturday in Croatian. Bok means hi or bye or something like that. I still don’t know how to say thank you or hello for example when I’m at the grocery store where they don’t speak English and I think it would be […]