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I just came back from my trip and what a trip it was indeed. For my short vacation from school I decided to go to Zadar for a couple nights.  Zadar is a historic city on the coast in northern Dalmatia and about 80 000 people live there.

First when I got to Zadar bus station I tried to find a map but no-one had any. Then I tried to ask from people how to get to my hostel in the old town and nobody would help me. At last a woman working at the bus station told me that it’s over half an hour (later it turned out it’s max. 20 minutes so she too was bulls****ing me) walk to the old town so I went to the taxi stop. There was a taxi driver that was going to take me to my hostel but he took some German tourists instead and advised me to take the bus without saying which bus to take and where. I went to the bus stop but no-one could help me there either. Then I went back to the taxi stop and one taxi driver came there but he was talking with another woman. Then the guy just said hop in and we left the woman on the bus station. The taxi driver ended up being a really nice guy. He told me that the woman didn’t agree to hop in the taxi and wait until he takes me to my hostel which wasn’t that far after all. So the guy asked me if I want him to drive around a little without extra charges and he showed me the main sights in the old town and took me to my hostel. I complained to him about people being rude and he said he’s not surprised because the tourist season is ended and they don’t really care. He also gave me some maps which came into good use later on. And the best thing, the ride cost 20 kunas! So the nice taxi driver left me to my hostel and I headed to the fifth floor of the building just to find this note on the door:


Because I already paid a deposit, I tried to call the number on the note but they had turned the phone off. So I grabbed the map that the nice taxi driver gave me and went to the tourist office. There was a nice lady there who gave me directions to three hostels in the old town and said that if they’re booked, come back and she’ll find private accommodation for me. She said that all of the hostels are nice but Boutique Hostel Forum is a bit more expensive and also bigger. I remembered reading something about bedbugs with the other places and decided to try Forum first. And there were single bedrooms and 4 bed dorms. I took the latter and it ended up being THE BEST option. But anyways, note to everyone: DO NOT EVER GO TO HOSTEL HOME ZADAR, THEY SUCK.

Boutique Hostel Forum is in the best location of Zadar, next to the cathedral, and well, everything. The dorms are so cool. It’s almost like having your own room. You can put blinds in your bunk-bed so you have privacy. There are showers and toilets in every room. Everything is nice, new and CLEAN. You don’t get breakfast without extra charge, instead you get a breakfast baggy DELIVERED TO YOUR ROOM in the morning. And the hostel is so peaceful during the night though it is next to everything there is to see in Zadar. Best hostel I have ever stayed in, for the cost of 19 euros/ night. If you’re looking for parties though, you won’t find them here.

room room2

After I got settled in I decided to take a tour around the old town. It was really pretty. The most interesting thing in the old town, at least for me, was the Forum next to my hostel. The ruins of the forum date back to 100 BC and serve now as a sort of “ancient park”. Some of the stones are well preserved, you can even read the texts engraved to them 2000 years ago.

stone  park


The next day I took a cruise to the Kornati national park which is located in the islands near Zadar. There are maybe 200 islands near Zadar so island hopping is a must if you go there. It cost pretty much (40€) but it was for the whole day and we went to some islands and cruised around them. Welcome drinks, breakfast and lunch was also included in the price. I also did some sunbathing at one of the island stops and swam in the ocean. In my opinion the trip was worth every penny.



The island hopping took the whole day and after that I was super tired. I went for dinner to a restaurant called 2 ribara because they recommended that one at the hostel. It turned out being a bit of a disappointment. The service was inhospitable and prices were more than I’m used to (13 € for the dinner and glass of wine, I know I’m complaining about nothing here).

Good thing about Zadar is that the prices there aren’t much more expensive then in Zagreb because there aren’t so many tourists. Still you get all the things in Zadar that you would get in Split which is more expensive because it is a popular tourist attraction. There aren’t so many people trying to sell you stuff. It isn’t too far away from Zagreb – the bus ride takes about three and a half hours and buses leave every half hour. I warmly recommend Zadar, just remember: don’t go to Hostel Home Zadar, instead go to Boutique Hostel Forum. If you go to dinner, in my opinion 2 ribara is overrated, try for example Bistro Plankit, good food, half the price. Just look at this, need I say more? No.