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A trip around Balkan (almost)

No that I finally have some time, I’ll tell you all about our trip around Balkans (well just Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro). Maybe later I’ll do the rest. 😀

First we went to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. We spent two nights in Sarajevo and I fell in love with the city so much I felt bad about leaving. Sarajevo is a mix of everything: east and west, different religions, beauty and sadness. There are about 400 000 inhabitants in Sarajevo so it’s however quite a small city. You can still see the marks of the 90s’ four-year-siege on the streets. The city has really gone through a lot through the history but it’s still a modern city, a lot of work has been done after the war. Anyway, here are some pictures from Sarajevo:


I fell in love with Bosnian food. These are stuffed peppers. The price of the meal was 3 euros


A kid playing at the monument made to honor the children killed in the siege of Sarajevo.



The Bazaar/ Baščaršija


A Sarajevo rose – a scar in the ground caused by an explosion which has killed people is filled with red. You can find these everywhere in Sarajevo.


A stall that sells fresh squeezed pomegranate juice. Refreshing. 


The bobsled from the winter Olympics in 1984.

Then after Sarajevo we drove through the narrow mountain streets to Montenegro and ended up in Budva for the night. Budva is something completely different compared to Sarajevo. Expensive boats and cars, sunshine and beach. It was very deserted since the tourist season had ended and Budva isn’t that big city. But it was beautiful.


Big boats in Budva.

From Budva we went to Dubrovnik and spent two nights there. Dubrovnik was really nice and there were some other people too in the city – that was a nice change after Budva. Compared to Zagreb Dubrovnik’s a lot more expensive. But the people were nice, weather was good, the city was really really beautiful and overall the atmosphere was welcoming. I would definitely recommend the place for everyone. One of the most interesting places in Croatia and nicer then Split in my opinion.


A little romance in Dubrovnik.


Breakfast from our own tree.


Nice views from the city wall.


Mysterious streets of Dubrovnik.

After Dubrovnik we started to get a little bit tired of the traveling. We decided to go to Šibenik and just relax there before the final ride back to Zagreb. The city seemed nice but really deserted too after the tourist season. There were a lot of churches everywhere. Finally we just decided to have a pizza and go to sleep.


A church in Šibenik.

The trip through half of Balkan was unforgettable but it was nice to come back home. After Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina nothing felt quite as amazing and I want to go back there already. It also left a spark to go to Serbia. If I have time before Christmas I will go to Belgrade. At this point the school stuff is really starting to take a lot of my time though so we’ll see… Therefore my next post, coming really soon, is going to be 100 % about school and studying which is different from Finland, I must say.