Zagreb in a nutshell

Zagreb is the capital and also the largest city of Croatia. There are a little bit under 800 000 inhabitants in Zagreb but over a million people live in the metropolitan area.

Zagreb is an old town. The earliest references from Zagreb date back to the 11th century. The city had then two centers on top of Kaptol and Gradec hills and the city wasn’t unified until 1850. Nowadays, the two hills are popular tourist attractions. There are lots of historical sites on top of both the hills.

Zagreb is centrally located in many ways. There are places like Ljubljana, Venice, Budapest, Wien, Belgrad and Sarajevo only a car drive (or train ride) away. My plan is to visit at least Sarajevo and Ljubljana on my trip. Because of the short distances, Zagreb is also a meeting place of different cultures and cuisine. It has been said that Zagreb is the perfect combination of east and west. For example, close to the Italian border, risotto’s and pasta’s are typical.  Inland, on the other hand is more famous from its meat dishes. And the best thing, you can enjoy them all in Zagreb! I might be fat when I come back to Finland 😀


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