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EARN Services – one cornerstone of the EARN – pyramid

On the EARN-homepage the section Services provides information about service activities, which are provided to universities and industry. These services include courses, consulting, laboratory services and networking, e.g. courses in image processing or 3D-scanning. For each service, you can find a short description and the contact address of the responsible person. The services can be […]

A platform for systematizing and sharing information and knowledge from the field of automation

Industrial automation, control and information systems become an integral part of operation in firms nowadays. In the past, automation was a performance enhancing area, which was improving production and management efficiency. Today, automation becomes a necessity and a great number of companies are not able to operate without automation and computer aids. Increasing interdependency of […]

EARN – Something good for European automation education!

If you see the word EARN probably the first meaning that comes to your mind is to earn or to gain something and normally it means something good for you. In this blog, however, EARN has another meaning. It is the abbreviation of European Automation Resource Network, which is one of the European projects funded […]