The first idea and results

Hello, I was thinking of starting off my blog by a “how-to in Egypt” post but on a second thought I might do that last when I’ve fully enjoyed all my experiences here.

Therefore, I decided to kick off by introducing the purpose of this blog. This blog was written during my 6-week internship in Egypt with AIESEC in Egypt, 6th of October Local Committee. The internship I’ll be doing concerns about the refugees’ lives here in Egypt, specifically Syrians refugees in 6th of October city. As we’ve been told, we will be conducting surveys about the Syrians refugees that have already settled here, figure out their difficulties and needs, from that we will have two missions; the first mission is to report the current situation of the Syrian refugees to the Government to raise their awareness about the refugees in their own country and the second mission is to gather information and experiences on how to start a new business or find a job here for the new refugees that are coming from the old ones. During the internship, some of the refugees’ story will be collected for media purpose in order to demonstrate their situations correctly to public, so that people will have better knowledge towards the refugees not only in Egypt but the whole world.


My reinforcement team. We have people from different backgrounds and countries, which enable us to see things in different perspectives. 

However, things didn’t go as well as we had planned. It turned out that the refugees in Egypt do not have camps, they live basically everywhere, spreading throughout Egypt. Therefore, it’s a challenge to find them and talk to them, and not many of them are willing to let us help since we’re foreigners. We could be able to make a survey on a small amount of them, taking business classes about the economy in Egypt (the slides are available here, which has been given the permission to publish by the presenters, which are Economics students from the University of 6th October), attending sessions related to legalities issues and educational issues of Syrian refugees in Egypt. In addition, we tried to interact with the refugees as much as possible, doing charity work as teams to help them get more access to clothes and basic needs.

The project, in the end, ended 2 weeks earlier than expected, but what we had learnt about the refugees is massive. Never in my life had I gotten the chance to be friend with a refugee, to listen to their story and actually do something as an encouragement to help them settle down and be a part in a whole new country. This experience will never be forgotten!

| Author: LY HOANG