Start-up day (Click Funding – A new concept)

The first ever section we had with concerning the refugees was with Basita – a start up based in Egypt. We’re asked to put ourselves into the Refugees’ shoes, moving to a whole new country and wanting to start a business with 500 dollars given to each of us. We can either work as a team and combine the fund, or alone. For me, this is a very interesting part of the project where I get to work with people from different major of study. My team was with one man from business and a girl from public policy. As two business students, we discussed the idea and the girl showed us the problems of our ideas, and together we tried to find a feasible way to solve it. After that, we presented out ideas to the team, and get the feedbacks from them. Our idea was to creating a online based fashion shop for plus size woman, which is not very common here in Egypt. We noticed that Egypt has large internet based shops, but not many of them are for plus size women. However, the tendency of Egyptian women is that they get overweight easily after giving birth, but there’re little offer for their demands, so they have to either ugly undesigned outfit or just pay a lot for self design ones. The idea was praised by the audience, though we, after all, had figured out the difficulty in the idea was that we need a large human resources, which would lead to more demand on fund. In order to solve that, we had this idea of making most of the outfits on our own since we know how to deal with sewing certain clothes.

It was indeed a fun task where we got to be a refugees our own, understand the challenges faces the start-ups, and work with other people in different background and nationalities. We also understood that in a developing country, new entreprenuers are the biggest push to the economy of that nation, since they get the new idea, test it out and it might be a boost if the idea succeeded.

In the end of the day, we got a chance to talk about Click Funding, which is a completely new concept to me, that Basita’s idea is based on ( Entering the site, you can find the definition of Click Funding and what the company has been doing. Basically the idea oof click funding is that the company gets paid from creating campaigns for the clients who want to get visible to their customer. By getting likes and shares posts on social network, the target customers will be aware of the clients. The work of Bassita is to design these posts so that they will attract the correct customer group of their clients, and motivate them to share and like.

| Author: LY HOANG