Education for the Syrian refugees

On one fine sunny day, we visited this Syrian educational centre who’s trying their best to get recognised as a formal school. The school is funded and run under the sponsor of Fard Foundation and an Egyptian businessman. In early days, the idea of the school was to revise the studying interest in drop-out Syrian…

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Legalities issues with refugees in Egypt

During the first two weeks we’ve been doing research on the Syrian Refugees here in Egypt, focusing on 6th Of October city, which’s located 1 hour from the centre of Cairo. First of all, we conduct an informal interview from the refugees who have already succeeded in carrying their own business. The reason why we…

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The first idea and results

Hello, I was thinking of starting off my blog by a “how-to in Egypt” post but on a second thought I might do that last when I’ve fully enjoyed all my experiences here. Therefore, I decided to kick off by introducing the purpose of this blog. This blog was written during my 6-week internship in…

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